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U.S. Recognition Of Israel
(In Chinese)

(可 惜 這 頁 沒 有 中 文 繙 譯)

The following is an experiment in Chinese on President Harry S. Truman's recognition of Israel in 1948.

***Special Note On The Odds For Chinese: The numeric system for Chinese characters is of consecutive numbers. This major difference from all other gematria systems changes the odds. When reading the odds on pages dealing with Chinese, please bear this in mind. For more on this, see Second Experiment: It's Not Easy.***

Significance Of Truman's Recognition

If the Balfour Declaration is an important sign of prophecy, and of God’s hand in history, then the actual formation of Israel as a nation is also of significance. Recognition of that event should have numeric features as well.

As the preeminent world power after World War II, what the United States decides eventually carries for the rest of the world. But in 1948, the U.S. State Department, and the government as a whole were against formal recognition of Israel. They were mindful of their extensive investments in the Middle East and wary of Muslim reaction. There may even have been a Christian element in denying that Israel should return. It was President Harry S. Truman, and a handful of advisors who decided otherwise.

The official recognition of Israel has a unique parallel with the Balfour Declaration not seen in any other event. The Balfour Declaration begins with His Majesty's government–. As explained on the previous page, His Majesty's government can be construed to mean God’s government, and not the British Empire. The recognition of Israel, on the other hand, bears President Truman's signature of approval. The literal translation (not transliteration) of Truman into Chinese would be 眞人 (Cantonese: janyahn; Mandarin: jenren) i.e. true and man. 眞人 in Chinese means a man of substance, or a perfected man or immortal (attained through Taoist enlightenment) with angelic connotations.

As the Muslims were disturbed by General Allenby, whose name they took to be similar to Allah, so the Japanese were perturbed when they learned Roosevelt's successor was Truman. The Muslims did not want to oppose someone who might represent their god, and the Japanese feared a man of substance had replaced an invalid making their war that much more dangerous.

As it was appropriate that the figurehead of the British Empire be the unwitting mouthpiece of God in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration, so it is fitting that recognition of Israel in 1948 be from the leader of the United States with a meaningful surname.

***Special Note: This does not mean the British Empire, Lord Balfour, General Allenby, the United States, or President Truman were favoured by God. It does not even mean they were good. Even Pharaoh was God’s mouthpiece at one point (2 Chronicles 35:22). In the case of Truman, he was instrumental to the Korean War breaking out with millions of Koreans suffering and dying in right-wing purges. He was seen as a dishonest warmonger and lost the presidency to Eisenhower, who had promised to end the war.***


The odds of finding a Chinese translation of the Balfour Declaration with meaningful numeric features was at least 1 in 15,000. One such discovery could be considered coincidence. If the recognition of Israel has equal or more stringent odds, and numeric features are also found, this reduces the possibility of coincidence even further.

The Experiment

Truman's recognition of Israel is translated into Chinese with alternate phrases for each of the main ideas. Each alternate phrase is structured to fit in with the whole. A computer mixes and combines the various alternate phrases to generate a complete sentence.

Each sentence is checked for interrelated numeric features, features that demonstrate structure, order and or organization. This is the only way to reduce the possibility of coincidence. Only those with twelve or more features divisible by 7 are to be considered.

If something is found despite the odds, this would strengthen the importance of the Balfour Declaration, and assure us Israel's return in 1948 was part of God’s plan. If nothing is found, this would increase the possibility everything was random chance.

English Text

This government has been informed that a Jewish state has been proclaimed in Palestine, and recognition has been requested by the provisional Government thereof. The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the state of Israel.1

Translating Into Chinese

Possible Alternate Phrases
This government這政府本政府
has been informed被通知了接到通知收到通知
that a有個
has been proclaimed佈告了宣告了宣佈了
in Palestine,在巴勒斯坦
has been requested請求要求
(by the) provisional Government (thereof)暫定政府臨時政府
The United States美國
the provisional government暫定政府臨時政府
(as) the de facto authority有實際權力
(of) the state of Israel.在以色列
Truman is included because his title and name also had numeric features in the original English, and because his name forms a unique parallel with the Balfour Declaration's His majesty's government.
The last two entries, 真人 and 眞人 are literal translations of True Man into Chinese, and not transliterations. 真 and 眞 are different spellings of the word true. 眞 is an older form.

Combining The Variants Into One Data Set

The alternate phrases are combined along with a few helping words and phrases to build complete sentences.

這政府 本政府|被通知了 接到通知 收到通知|有個猶太|人 民 民族|國 國家 國務|佈告 宣告 宣佈|立襄|了 0|在巴勒斯坦|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府|也 0|請求 要求|其它 0|認識美國|承認 認識|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府有實際權力在以色列總統哈|里 雷 李|施 氏 史 0|杜門 屠萬 童萬 屠孟 童孟 真人 眞人


From the above data set, the computer generated 23,887,872 possibilities. It found two results with at least fourteen numeric features. The two results are given below.

60 words.
Total: 157297 = 7 x 23 x 977.
Odd positioned characters: 71372 = 22 x 7 x 2549.
Even positioned characters: 85925 = 52 x 7 x 491.
Odd valued characters: 88907 = 7 x 13 x 977.
Even valued characters: 68390 = 2 x 5 x 7 x 977.
Odd positioned segments 2: 89292 = 22 x 3 x 7 x 1063.
Even positioned segments 2: 68005 = 5 x 7 x 29 x 67.
Odd positioned segments 3: 62223 = 3 x 7 x 2963.
Even positioned segments 3: 95074 = 2 x 7 x 6791.
Odd positioned segments 4: 73185 = 3 x 5 x 7 x 17 x 41.
Even positioned segments 4: 84112 = 24 x 7 x 751.
Odd positioned segments 6: 79296 = 26 x 3 x 7 x 59.
Even positioned segments 6: 78001 = 7 x 11 x 1013.
First half: 60305 = 5 x 7 x 1723.
Last half: 96992 = 25 x 7 x 433.
First and last 12 words: 44562 = 2 x 3 x 7 x 1061.
First and last 26: 141635 = 5 x 13 x 2179. SF: 2197 = 133.
       SF: 39 = 3 x 13.
Beginning with the first word, and taking every Nth word after,
       the following values of N are divisible by 13 (N = 6, 9, 27).
       The sum of the N values: 42 = 2 x 3 x 7.
Every 10th word: 10296 = 23 x 32 x 11 x 13.
4 corners of a 12 x 5 table: 2114 = 2 x 7 x 151.
4 corners of a 10 x 6 table: 6349 = 7 x 907
       2 x 2 checkered squares: 70700 = 22 x 52 x 7 x 101.

There are at least 18 intertwined numeric features! To find one phrase with this many features among 23,887,872 phrases is a one in 68,169,052 chance.

But this is not the only result found!

60 words.
Total: 171584 = 26 x 7 x 383.
Odd positioned words: 84574 = 2 x 72 x 863.
Even positioned words: 87010 = 2 x 5 x 7 x 11 x 113.
Odd valued: 86786 = 2 x 7 x 6199.
Even valued: 84798 = 2 x 32 x 7 x 673.
Odd positioned segments 2: 91833 = 3 x 7 x 4373.
Even positioned segments 2: 79751 = 7 x 11393.
Odd positioned segments 3: 76776 = 23 x 3 x 7 x 457.
Even positioned segments 3: 94808 = 23 x 7 x 1693.
Odd positioned segments 4: 81186 = 2 x 3 x 7 x 1933.
Even positioned segments 4: 90398 = 2 x 7 x 11 x 587.
Odd positioned segments 12: 89397 = 33 x 7 x 11 x 43.
       SF: 70 = 2 x 5 x 7. SF: 14 = 2 x 7.
Even positioned segments 12:  82187 = 7 x 59 x 199.
First half: 76258 = 2 x 7 x 13 x 419. SF: 441 = 32 x 72.
Last half: 95326 = 2 x 7 x 11 x 619.
Apply the values of the Hebrew divine name to count through the phrase.
       Four times: 38661 = 3 x 72 x 263. SF: 280 = 23 x 5 x 7.
       Seven times: 84700 = 22 x 52 x 7 x 112.
Beginning with the first word and taking every Nth word after,
       where N is 2, 15, or 18 the result is divisible by 7.
       The sum of N: 35 = 5 x 7.
Where N is thirteen, the sequence of words selected:
       11492 = 22 x 132 x 17.
Beginning with the Nth word (not the first word) and taking every Nth
       after, only two values of N produce sequences divisible by 13:
       15, and 20. The sum of N: 35.
The middle N words are divisible by 13,
       where N is 18, 42, 50 or 58. The sum of N: 168 = 23 x 3 x 7.
The first and last 3 words: 10528 = 25 x 7 x 47.
The first and last 10 words: 48132 = 22 x 32 x 7 x 191.
The first and last 13 words: 61215 = 3 x 5 x 7 x 11 x 53.
The first and last 22 words: 116704 = 25 x 7 x 521.
The first and last 27 words: 159012 = 22 x 32 x 7 x 631.
The first and last 29 words: 164010 = 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 x 11 x 71.
       And 3 + 10 + 13 + 22 + 27 + 29 = 104 = 23 x 13.
Load the 60 characters into a 5 x 4 x 3 object:
       8 corners: 17570 = 2 x 5 x 7 x 251.
       4 pillars at these corners: 22256 = 24 x 13 x 107.
       First & last rows of each layer: 78645 = 3 x 5 x 72 x 107.
       First & last columns of each layer: 66486 = 2 x 3 x 7 x 1583.
       Odd positioned columns through each layer:
            96369 = 3 x 7 x 13 x 353.
       Even positioned columns in each layer: 75215 = 5 x 72 x 307.

There are even more features this time (at least 24). To find one phrase with 24 features from 23,887,872 phrases is a one in 8 trillion chance!

This second phrase, with more numeric features, is also more consistent. The first result had two different sets of words for provisional government. This result uses the same words in both cases. And what is more interesting, it uses the literal translation of Truman rather than a transliteration.

(Many more features could have been discovered in these two phrases.)

Let's try this again with a few more options.

這政府 本政府|被通知了 接到通知 收到通知|有個猶太|人 民 民族|國 國家 國務|被 0|佈告 宣告 宣佈|立襄 成立 0|了 0|在巴勒斯坦|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府|也 0|請求 要求|其它 0|認識美國|承認 認識|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府有實際權力|在 為|以色列總統哈|里 雷 李|施 氏 史 0|杜門 屠萬 童萬 屠孟 童孟 真人 眞人

This generates 83,607,552 possibilities. One stood out.

60 words
Total: 177373 = 7 x 25339
Odd pos: 102193 = 7 x 13 x 1123
Even pos: 75180 = 22 x 3 x 5 x 7 x 179
Odd val: 82145 = 5 x 7 x 2347
Even val: 95228 = 22 x 7 x 19 x 179
Odd pos seg 2: 67277 = 72 x 1373.
Even pos seg 2: 110096 = 24 x 7 x 983.
Odd pos seg 3: 68397 = 3 x 7 x 3257.
Even pos seg 3: 108976 = 24 x 72 x 139. SF: 161 = 7 x 23.
Odd pos seg 4: 93583 = 7 x 29 x 461. SF: 497 = 7 x 71.
       SF: 78 = 2 x 3 x 13.
Even pos seg 4: 83790 = 2 x 32 x 5 x 72 x 19.
Odd pos seg 10: 82901 = 7 x 13 x 911. SF: 931 = 72 x 19.
Even pos seg 10: 94472 = 23 x 72 x 241.
Odd pos seg 12: 103166 = 2 x 7 x 7369. SF: 7378 = 2 x 7 x 17 x 31.
Even pos seg 12: 74207 = 7 x 10601. SF: 10608 = 24 x 3 x 13 x 17.
First half: 65779 = 7 x 9397.
Last half: 111594 = 2 x 3 x 7 x 2657.
Taking every Nth word, the following values of N produce sequence totals
       divisible by 13: 6, 14, 28, 30. The sum of N: 78 = 2 x 3 x 13.
Ten characters have values that are prime numbers.
       Total of their positions: 350 = 2 x 52 x 7.
       Total of the primes: 25508 = 22 x 7 x 911.
       Non-primes: 151865 = 5 x 7 x 4339.

This time there are at least 20 features! Even though we began with 83.6 million possibilities, the fact that one of them had this many features is still a one in 954,366,733 chance.

Negative Confirmation

To demonstrate this is not just some weird coincidence, other searches are performed. Using the same data set up, with some adjustments, the experiment is run looking for a Palestinian State, a Muslim state and a Chinese state. (Changes to the experiment are highlighted in green.)

A Palestinian State

這政府 本政府|被通知了 接到通知 收到通知|有個巴勒斯坦|人 民 民族|國 國家 國務|
佈告 宣告 宣佈|立襄|了 0|在巴勒斯坦|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府|也 0|請求 要求|其它 0|
認識美國|承認 認識|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府有實際權力在巴勒斯坦總統哈|
里 雷 李|施 氏 史 0|杜門 屠萬 童萬 屠孟 童孟 真人 眞人

Almost 7 million possibilities were generated by the data above. Six had at least fourteen features.

Having six results with at least fourteen features divisible by 7 would appear to support a Palestinian state. Unfortunately, an examination of the generated phrases reveal shortcomings.


In this version, the two instances of provisional government (highlighted in green) are inconsistently translated. And Harry S. Truman is transliterated. This is also seen in the next two versions.


The next two versions below have provisional government consistently translated, but Harry Truman is transliterated with the S missing.


The sixth version has Harry S. Truman transliterated, but the translation of provisional government is once again inconsistent.


Even if the results were consistent and had more features along with the president's full name would not change two historical facts.

  1. The Palestinians did not declare statehood in 1948. They did not prepare because they wanted to join one of their Arab neighbours, and their neighbours assured them they would destroy the new born state of Israel.
  2. Truman never signed such a recognition.

It would appear the numbers are against a Palestinian state.

A Muslim State

這政府 本政府|被通知了 接到通知 收到通知|有個回教|人 民 民族|國 國家 國務|
佈告 宣告 宣佈|立襄|了 0|在巴勒斯坦|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府|也 0|請求 要求|其它 0|
認識美國|承認 認識|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府有實際權力在那回教國總統哈|里 雷 李|
施 氏 史 0|杜門 屠萬 童萬 屠孟 童孟 真人 眞人

Not one possibility was generated with at least 14 numeric features. The numbers are against an Islamic religious state in Palestine.

A Chinese State

這政府 本政府|被通知了 接到通知 收到通知|有個|人 民 民族|國 國家 國務|
佈告 宣告 宣佈|立襄|了 0|在巴勒斯坦|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府|也 0|請求 要求|
其它 0|認識美國|承認 認識|那 0|暫定 臨時|政府有實際權力在那|人國 民國|
總統哈|里 雷 李|施 氏 史 0|杜門 屠萬 童萬 屠孟 童孟 真人 眞人

The use of 漢 (Han: referring to the Chinese) necessitates an extra change near the end of the statement: 漢人國 and 漢民國 (a nation of Han ethnicity). The words 中國 are not used because 中國 refers to China in Asia. Supposedly, this fictitious country of Chinese people is in Palestine. The extra words generate 13,934,592 possibilities.

One phrase came up with at least 14 features.


Although the Chinese phrase uses translation for Truman rather than imprecise transliteration, it uses two different terms for provisional government and the phrasing of 漢民族國家 (a Chinese people tribe nation home) is awkward.

One could go on and on and on trying the thousands of other ethnic groups in the world. Conceivably, some of them might have more features and be more consistent than the results for Israel, but many would also yield nothing like the Muslim state. So far, the best numeric support with history and prophecy remains the Jewish state of Israel.

Experiment Conclusion

When the bar is set very high, there is no reason why any phrase should have been found at all, but there were two for Israel. The return of modern Israel is truly unique. In history it is rare for nations conquered and destroyed to return. Israel is special because her return came, not once but twice. The first time was after Babylon fell. The second time was over a thousand years after her destruction by Rome. No other nation had prophecies fulfilled by their return. No other nation's return has been accompanied by numeric features. This is proof of prophecy, of the message behind the Bible, and of God Himself.

1The Timetables Of Jewish History by Judah Gribetz, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1993; page 496.

2Unless otherwise noted, scriptural quotes are from the King James Version.

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