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Widening The Search For God's Signature

The verses on the previous page were found by restricting the computer to a list of seven verses each time, and searching through the verses word by word. Here the search through the Bible's data is accomplished by using only entire verses. (This would greatly reduce incomplete sentences/thoughts.) Starting from Genesis 1:1, the initial verse is first checked, then the next verse is added, and then another. A maximum of 352 verses is set to accommodate Psalm 119. If nothing is found, the search starts all over, but with the verse after Genesis 1:1.

N.B. Many longer searches are possible, but it quickly becomes clear the longer the search the more difficult it becomes to find one clear theme running through what could be many diverse events. This lack of unifying meaning is a sign of randomness.

The results of this longer search are given below. Five of the passages from the Old Testament are of God’s greatest acts in history. The sixth is about three world conquerors. Two have already come.

(Due to the extended lengths of these passages, the interlinear and number Numerics Gematria breakdown of the verses will no longer be included. These would take up pages and pages. Only explanations for the passage's beginning and end points and the numeric features will be presented.)

An in-depth search of the first two chapters of the Gospel Of John finds one of the longer text segments in the GNT: John 1:1-37a. The number Numerics Gematria features in this passage are a marvellous confirmation of Hebrews 1:3.

Matthew chapters 5:1 to 9:17b is the second longest numeric section found in the entire New Testament (GNT). In these chapters, Matthew gives the core of Jesus' teachings.

God’s signature highlights even the text of Jesus' teachings. But you won't find Jesus' teachings in the numbers. Study the account in Matthew (not the numbers).

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Applying God's word is more important than applying numbers to God's word.