Bible Numbers 2.0

Dedication & Preface

To the glory of the one God,
Ancient of Days,
who is, was and is to come,
and who exalted His name and word
above all things.
(Revelation 1:8; Psalm 138:2 RSV)

And to Ivan Panin, who dedicated his life
to proving the Bible with numbers Numerics Gematria.

With thanks to all those who wrote,
spurring me to look deeper and further.

This work is presented as a public service to hopefully redirect all those interested in Bible numbers/numerics/gematria to studying the Bible itself, and not into this field because it is finished. If someone insists, then hopefully they will use more reasonable and productive research methods. If you find it helpful, send the author an email in recognition of his work.

Numeric Study Links

The Rational Bible

Bible Issues

presents the Bible as a rational book, as history, economics, and prophecy (with an extensive look at the book of Revelation) also covering a diverse range of topics. (Active site.)

Don't get sucked into a perpetual cycle of looking for more features. It is much more important to read the Bible.