Bible Numbers 2.0

Part 5: Moving Beyond The Bible

Can Bible Numbers Numerics Gematria be applied outside the Bible? Yes they can! With some caveats.

The principles developed in this study point the way. Two declarations about the same God (Exodus 34:6-7 and Revelation 1:8) in different languages and geographical areas, and of separate cultures, spanning over 1500 years carry similar numeric features. These patterns are the sign of God. If they are found in modern documents, then the events to which these documents relate are either from God’s own hand, or have a part in His plan (see Note 1).

Since God cannot be seen (1 Timothy 6:16), proof of God must be from where He has acted, or where He has been. Aside from personal experience and the Bible, the only other area is in world history. If the principles behind Bible Numbers Numerics Gematria are to be applied, then they should be applied to historical texts concerning major events. The event should be undeniable even though some people might not like it or claim it is irrelevant.

The text should be widely available, accessible for numeric confirmation by many people.

It would be preferable if the source (author/contributors) and motives behind the text are known. This reduces the chance of misunderstanding, misinterpreting, misapplying or misusing the text.

Numeric searches should be for whole sentences or paragraphs, not just a collection of single or paired words. This also reduces ambiguity, and prevents reading our own opinions, bias and prejudices into the results.

The text should be written no later than 1980 A.D. to preclude the possibility of its author(s) knowing about the current numeric schema and deliberately writing to create numeric features.

The numbers Numerics Gematria of Revelation 1:8 were discovered in the ancient Greek, just as the numbers in Exodus 34:6-7 were from the Hebrew. No language translation was used. The document's original language was the language used to convert into numbers. Any translation, no matter how professional, opens the door to a change of meaning or interpretation. It's bad enough that two neighbours reading the same contract in the same language can see different things.

It becomes clear that if a particular text exists in its original language, then that is the language that should be used and not some other language. This applies specifically for Bible verses. We have copies of the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. These are the languages for Bible Numbers Numerics Gematria, not some Bible translation in English. English numbers Numerics Gematria are for non-Bible documents. (See section on English Numbers.)

English is the international language. It is a dynamic growing language. It is understood by more people worldwide than any other. It is also the language of the last world spanning empire. Even though the empire is gone (actually changed under the USA) it still has an actual sovereign. More importantly, it is the first language that a king and government used to translate the Bible into their own vernacular. There were other Bible translations, but they did not have government sanction, and they were not widely distributed. Whatever the motives of the translators of the King James Version, it was the first time a government officially made God’s word accessible to the common people.2

If we are going to look for God’s hand in recent history, then one of the best events would be the founding of modern Israel. Our choice for study: The Balfour Declaration (1917), The American Endorsement (Public Resolution No. 73, 67th Congress, Second Session), and Truman's Recognition Of Israel (1948). These documents are widely available on the internet. They are considered a part of the founding documents for the State of Israel, and yet they are all by non-Israelis.

Can Bible Numbers be used for anything else? Yes they can. In some cases, they give the true state of affairs: Taiwan.

(For those who are curious: Why Not Use Arabic?)

Reminder: These texts are not from the Bible. There are no spiritual lessons here. The only reason they are included is to assure you God continues working even today.


1.Does the presence of numeric features mean God inspired a document? Is this document on equal footing with the Bible? B) More importantly, does this mean what the document says is what God wants? And if anyone opposes the meaning of that document, are they opposing God?

A)If a secular text exhibits numeric features like Exodus 34:6-7, is it to be accorded equal or similar authority as the Bible? Does the impression of a seal equal the original seal itself? Of course not! The numeric principles come from the Bible, specifically Exodus 34:6-7 and Revelation 1:8. This makes any discovery in non-biblical texts of a lower order. There are levels of significance and importance.

The Bible is a God-centred book, not a man-centred book. This establishes a hierarchy for classifying number features based on their source.

  1. God from His own mouth.
  2. God from angels.
  3. God from men.
  4. Men from God’s own witness.
  5. Men from angels.
  6. Men from other men.

Numbers Numerics Gematria are for God and His glory. Moses rightly asked, Who is on the LORD's side? (Exodus 32:26) It's not about us, our people, our plans, our beliefs or wishes. Anyone, group or people who claim numeric features for their own causes or justification do so at the risk of robbing God.

ii.Since it is about God and not us, numbers are not for condemning those who refuse to believe (even in the face of overwhelming proof). Only God knows enough to judge properly. Judgment is His prerogative, not ours. The believer's duty is presenting the message.

iii.Numbers Numerics Gematria are not for putting down others. They are not a badge of honour for self-elevation, special status or salvation. Again, this is God’s perogative. He knows who His children are (2 Timothy 2:19). Above all, numbers are not a license to ignore the Bible's instructions, or ignoring steadfast love, justice and righteousness.

iv.Those who claim to be God’s people must reflect His high standards: steadfast love, justice and righteousness, and doing good to the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:43-46). To not do so is to lie about being God’s people. Or worse, to actually be worshipping another god, enslaved by idols.

A heavy burden rests on those who claim to be God’s people. Joshua told Israel after their triumphant conquest of Canaan they could not serve God (i.e. be God’s people [Joshua 24:19-20]). Israel insisted they would obey, and promised (Joshua 24:21). God Himself knew how miserably they would fail. Forty years in the wilderness had already proven it. His covenant and laws were not the best for people prone to mistakes and failure (Ezekiel 20:25). Since Israel freely insisted on being His people, God allowed it (Exodus 19:5-6). Joshua solemnly warned them God would hold them to their word (Joshua 24:22, Micah 3:1-2).

v.Numeric features alone (or their lack) do not prove a text was or was not inspired by God. There are many important verses in the Bible that have very few numeric features. The numbers require additional support, preferably independent support (other documents, prophecy, history etc).

These reasons place numeric studies of non-biblical texts firmly in category 6, the lowest category. (See the table for a comparison.)

Comparison Of Exodus 34:6-7 & The Balfour Declaration
 Exodus 34:6-7The Balfour Declaration
SourceGod, one author with personal name and title included.Many contributors. The document is unsigned. The people drafting the document represent a government. They themselves are not the full government.
ContentA description of God.Approval of the idea for a national home for the Jews.
OtherNo amendments. Stands as is.Seconded by the US Congress with added conditions, but contains no obligation to actually do anything to further this idea. The British later backed away from the very idea of a Jewish home.
MotiveTo introduce us to God and teach us about Him.The only way to determine the motives would be to ask each contributor what they really meant or wanted at that time. Did they change their mind in the mean time?

In all respects, Exodus 34:6-7 is the superior document.

B)Since God is supreme, ultimately, nothing occurs without His knowledge or allowance. But what happens does not necessarily mean He approves, or did it personally. The context of prophecy and history is vital for the interpretation of numeric features. Numbers Numerics Gematria alone have no meaning, and people can make up any meaning they want.

Consider the case of the Bible prophesying Israel's return. Does this mean anyone opposing Israel's return, or anyone trying to reverse Israel's return is opposing God?

The Bible is clear that when God Himself brings Israel back it will be for the final time. There will be many signs, and He will call out His people. Back in 1948, many learned rabbis and Jews had doubts about the rebirth of Israel. Not all signs were present. People mistook various events and interpreted them as signs, but there were no massive earthquakes or changes to the natural order. Most importantly, there was no call from God.

Similar things happened during a previous return under Cyrus. The return from Babylon began with great promise, but in the end eventually fell apart. Since God cannot fail, this previous return was the work of man, not God.

The return of Israel was within the scope of God’s plan. This event was and still is filled with promise of what could be. And it really is possible that it could grow into something where God would take a direct hand. It is a pivotal point in history. That is why there are numeric features.

A document, with numeric features, favouring Israel's return to Palestine is a start, but definitely not a blank cheque for people to violate God’s standards of steadfast love, justice and righteousness.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts (Zechariah 4:6).

God can do things without actually doing anything. We must not restrict God to our human abilities. Just because Israel's return was prophesied and confirmed with numbers Numerics Gematria doesn't mean God actively brought it about.

The real question is not about Israel at all. Nor is it about the numbers Numerics Gematria. The real question is, What is God doing?

But the LORD of hosts, him you shall regard as holy; let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. And he will become a sanctuary, and a stone of offense, and a rock of stumbling to both houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many shall stumble thereon; they shall fall and be broken; they shall be snared and taken." (Isaiah 8:13-15 RSV)

2.Many will succumb to the urge of checking Bible verses in the English to confirm their beliefs concerning the King James Version (or some other version). No matter what is discovered, the English should never supersede the original languages.

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