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Applying The Rules To Exodus 34:6-7

The Hebrew text of Exodus 34:6-7 is given below. Hebrew is read from right to left, and the red section marks the first four words of verse 6.

ויעבר יהוה על פניו ויקרא יהוה יהוה אל רחום וחנון ארך אפים ורבחסד ואמת נצר חסד לאלפים נשא עון ופשע וחטאה ונקה לא ינקה פקד עון אבות עלבנים ועלבני בנים עלשלשים ועלרבעים
1(Exodus 34:6-7 BHS)

The original study did not include the first four words because there were few results. The two verses, with the first four words are looked at briefly in this revised study because they will come up later at the end of this study in Part 6.

There are 37 words and 134 letters in these two verses. Thirty-seven is a prime number, and 134 factors into 2 x 67. These initial results do not look promising. Nothing is divisible by 7 or 13. If these letters were converted to numbers Numerics Gematria the total would be 6734 (2 x 7 x 13 x 37). This is the first promising sign, but there are no other basic features after this. Because of this, the rest of the study will be of the proclamation itself, without these first four words.

The first four words, translated to English are and the lord passed before him. These words form a complete clause that can be dropped from the study. They tell us nothing about God, and they are not a part of what God says to Moses.

The fifth Hebrew word and He proclaimed is included to show how God spoke to Moses. It was a declarative statement. (In this study, Exodus 34:6-7 will be known as The Proclamation).

The words and letters are converted to numbers Numerics Gematria in the table below. (For an explanation on the conversion, see: A Brief Guide To Bible Numbers.)

Exodus 34:6b-7 (Full Numeric Conversion)
  י ה ו ה י ה ו ה ו י ק ר א F
א ר ך ו ח נ ו ן ר ח ו ם א ל F
ו א מ ת ח ס ד ו ר ב א פ י ם F
  ל א ל פ י ם ח ס ד נ צ ר F
  ו פ ש ע ע ו ן נ ש א F
  ל א ו נ ק ה ו ח ט א ה F
א ב ו ת ע ו ן פ ק ד י נ ק ה F
  ב נ י ו ע ל ב נ י ם ע ל F
ו ע ל ש ל ש י ם ע ל ב נ י ם F
Word Position: 33A
Word Sum 322B
Letter Position 119118117116115C
Place Value 131016220D
Letter Value 4010702200E
Hebrew (right to left) ר ב ע י ם F

Testing The Rules

Rule 1: Add up all the letter values.
Result: 6174 = 2 x 3 x 3 x 7 x 7 x 7. (Three factors of seven appear.)2

Rule 2: Count the number of letters.
Result: 119 = 7 x 17.

Rule 3: Add up the first letter of each word.
Result: 1330 = 2 x 5 x 7 x 19.

Rule 4: Add up the last letter of each word.
Result: 1722 = 2 x 3 x 7 x 41.

Rule 5: Add up the first and last letters of each word.
Result: 3052 = 2 x 2 x 7 x 109.

Rule 6: Add up every other letter (odd positions).
Result: 3388 = 2 x 2 x 7 x 11 x 11.

Rule 6: Add up every other letter (even positions).
Result: 2786 = 199 x 7 x 2.

Not one of the six rules has failed! This is not just an amazing 1 in 117649 chance because there is meaning behind these features. Revelation 1:8 and The Proclamation both described God. Revelation 1:8 provided the rules for finding numeric features in Exodus 34:6-7. The features found were all totals divisible by one of God’s numbers.

(Features found by these six rules will be labelled as Primary Features throughout the rest of this study.)

Seven features found by the six rules doesn't sound like much, but this is just scratching the surface. The rules can be extended, and the other principles can be applied to delve deeper into The Proclamation's complex numeric structure.


  1. The Hebrew or Greek text is from Bibleworks 3.0 by Hermeneutika, Michael S. Bushell, 1995, translated into HTML entities. Vowel marks and punctuation from the Hebrew have been removed. Greek accent marks and punctuation have also been removed.
  2. The total, 6174, has a curious coincidence with Chinese. In the Big5 character set for traditional Chinese, the 6174th character is 甾. The meaning of this character has changed widely over time, but in modern usage now means,
    steroid; organic compound widely found in bodies of animals and plants
    and usually having important physiological functions, e.g. cholesterol,
    cholic acid, Vitamin D, hormones, etc;
    something very small, but extremely vital. This fits perfectly with Exodus 34:6-7, a tiny section of the Bible, but extremely important.

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