Bible Numbers 2.0

Part 2: The Hypothesis

When the infinite God describes His character or nature, some aspects of His attributes (as stated in Revelation 1:8) will be seen in His words. There will be a direct correlation between the description He gives and the method by which the numeric feature is found.

The statement above will serve as our hypothesis. As mentioned previously in the introduction, God will be telling us through scripture how to find numeric features.

First, one verse about God will be chosen where basic techniques derived from Revelation 1:8 are tested. If the hypothesis is sound, most of these techniques should succeed.

What about verses that are not about God? Or what about passages not closely related to God and His will? If the hypothesis holds, then there should be fewer, or no features like those described in Revelation 1:8.

This will not be as rigorous as a real scientific experiment, but until something better comes along, it is the closest we have.

If the hypothesis holds, then the basic techniques will be tested in the rest of the Bible (including the New Testament). This will give a complete picture from which further conclusions can be drawn.

The hypothesis actually rests on Exodus 34:29. After speaking with God for forty days and nights, Moses' face began to shine. Like a mirror, he began reflecting God’s glory. This can be extended to God’s words in the Bible, and to God’s plans in the world. When they accurately depict God and or His will, they will mirror and reflect something of God Himself.

Why would there be features of numbers Numerics Gematria in the text of the Bible? Because God Himself had a hand in the development of human language (Genesis 11:1-9). This extends even to modern languages. Can anything be too difficult for the master of creation?

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