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Numeric Experiments Conclusion

Skeptics will say, You just proved you can manufacture numeric coincidences. These were all made. There's nothing special. But are these numeric coincidences really manufactured?

To manufacture something requires a plan that results with an end product. There are no guarantees with numeric coincidences. At this time in writing, no human knows whether there will be a result or not. Things that are made are known beforehand. This cannot be said of numeric coincidences, and thus it would be wrong to say everything here was made or made up.

Finding numeric coincidences is akin to prospecting. The prospector uses his best understanding of the latest information available to select what he hopes would be a promising area. Similarly the believer narrows his prospecting to specific Bible passages he deems important. But like prospecting, there are no guarantees. As no one would say the prospector manufactured the gold/diamonds, no one should say numeric coincidences were made. They were discovered.

Skeptics will ask, How many times did you have to change the word choices before getting any result? How many times did you change the sentence structure? The implication is that there were many failed attempts and that these failures were not mentioned to improve the appearance of the odds.

For most of the experiments, I only had to try once for word choices. Some of the experiments required two changes from the original. A synonym occurred to me that I had not thought of before, and or sentence structure was adjusted. The main exception was the experiment on Isaiah 18 in English and this was because a portion of the Hebrew had been accidentally dropped. This invalidated fourteen trial runs. After the missing Hebrew words were accounted for in English, it only took three more tries.

As can be seen in the experiments on the Balfour Declaration, fictitious (i.e. false) phrases produced nothing and required multiple tries.

If it was all random chance, most of the experiments presented here should have required an extraordinary number of changes in the word choices and sentence structure before finding something that had so many numeric features. The odds are simply against such things happening easily. And there should have been no difference in results between fictitious and factual phrases. Many of the experiments on true statements turn out on the first try. This can only mean it is not random chance. There is an underlying principle. But what is this principle?

In mathematics, unless one were dealing with special cases like quadratic equations, there is only one answer. (Even in special cases there is a very limited set of right answers.) Any other answer is wrong. That means there is one right answer amidst an infinite number of wrong answers. In comparison, the right answer is extremely rare. However, logic and reason narrows everything down. Correct reasoning pinpoints the right answer without needing to tediously run through all the wrong answers.

If we believe the God who spoke the Word and brought the universe into being represents the true reality, then the Word and creation are also imbued with this truth. Right concepts come from God (James 1:17). This might be the reason why fallible human language expressing such concepts have orderly numeric features. And the closer that language comes to expressing or reflecting God’s truth, the easier it is to find such features.

The numbers show us the reality that God exists. His hand is seen in creation, the universe, the world, in history and human language.

If you've been reading all these pages on the numbers, you know the point I've been reiterating over and over. Numbers don't take you very far in your walk with God. The Bible Numbers, numerics, gematria are now complete and finished. The work has been done so anyone can refer to it easily. No one else needs to reinvent the wheel. The numbers have proven that the Bible is the most important book. Now it's time to turn away from the numbers and lay them aside. Reading the Bible, understanding God’s message and applying it will bring more spiritual growth and benefits than continually seeking more in the numbers. Let there be no more delay in your life.

Someone out there is probably going to try use what has been presented here to work backwards, and use numbers to decide or judge human events. In case that happens, you saw and read it here first along with the reasons why that should not be done. (See next page: Speculative Experiments.)

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You can be strong in the Lord, and strong in God's word. You can't be strong in the numbers.