Bible Numbers 2.0


This work is in eight main parts. The first introduces the uniqueness of this Bible Number Numerics Gematria study, the mathematical odds and the necessity of having numbers Numerics Gematria with meaning.

The second part establishes the descriptions of God in Revelation 1:8 as the principles for finding numeric features in Exodus 34:6-7. The many complex numeric features discovered in this verse are truly amazing. These principles are God’s signature.

In the third part, an experiment is carried out to show this is not due to random chance. Specifically chosen Bible verses are compared with random Bible verses, sentences from a novel and sentences from a nonfiction book. By running 2.4 billion permutations to average out the possibility of numeric features, the experiment concludes that the specifically chosen Bible verses produce more features than are normal. Since this could not have been done by people without computers, it could only have been designed by God.

Principles developed in the second part are applied to other sections of the Bible in the fourth part. By programming a computer to scan the Bible's data, many text segments are found covering creation, the plan for salvation, the origin and history of Israel, Jesus' birth, Jesus' core teachings, end time events, and more.

The fifth part extends the search for God’s signature beyond the Bible. English numbers Numerics Gematria are introduced, and the same techniques are applied to a part of the American Declaration of Independence, to the Balfour Declaration, the American version of the Balfour, and to President Truman's recognition of the founding of modern Israel. This section closes with a brief comparison of other texts, where passages from the Bible are still superior in consistency and in the number of features.

The study returns to God in the sixth part by examining Exodus 34:6-7 in Chinese. A number Numerics Gematria system for Chinese characters is introduced and applied. The features echo those of the Hebrew.

Three other Bible verses in Chinese also had numeric features following the rules set by Revelation 1:8: Genesis 1:1, John 1:1 and Revelation 1:8 itself.

The seventh part summarizes all the results from the Bible into one grand picture.

Proof demands a reaction. Reaction is faith, whether for belief or disbelief. What this work should mean to various groups of people is presented in a separate eighth part.

(For those unfamiliar with Bible Numbers, Bible Numerics and Gematria, see: Bible Numbers Explained. And for an explanation on why the focus is on the numbers 7 and 13 see the Appendix.)

Part 1
The Uniqueness Of This Proof

Unlike most numeric studies this one actually proves God exists. It confirms the proclamation He gave was divinely inspired. Readers can check this all on their own. No special expertise or training is required. And also unlike so many other claims, this proof outlines a little of God’s being along with aspects of His character. This verifies and deepens the significance of what is taught in the rest of the Bible.

Some believers will take this as proof the entire Bible is divinely inspired. And there are some who even hold to modern translations being divinely inspired down to the letter. This is not proof of their suppositions. Why? Because Jesus himself tells us the law (and therefore the Bible) is not the perfection we think it is (Matthew 19:8). Allowances have been made for human weakness.

I have seen a limit to all perfection, but thy commandment is exceedingly broad. (Psalm 119:96 RSV)

Proof is also very specific. It verifies the verse where it's found, not some other verse or verses.

All verses in the Bible have some number Numerics Gematria features. The question is whether they are meaningful. (To understand this, see the section on The Odds.)

God knows our limits. If numeric features are to be found, He would not leave us wondering at the infinite mathematical variety possible. He would tell us how to find them so that it would no longer be coincidence!

To be meaningful, to show it wasn't just coincidence or chance, there must be rules. These are derived from Bible verses where God speaks about Himself (Revelation 1:8, 4:8, 21:6, 22:13 [see also Isaiah 6:3]). They were not chosen just because they worked.

If God exists and inspired the original writers of the Bible, then some tiny fraction of His infinite character will be imbued in the words, and following these rules should produce numeric features to demonstrate His nature. The same techniques are used multiple times in a variety of ways. If they repeatedly produce results, then this is no longer coincidence. (In science, what keeps happening is considered a law.) This study is not strict science, but the rules provide a framework for numeric experimentation.

These rules can be applied to any piece of literature, but they are most appropriate in the context of the Bible. Why? Because no other piece of literature in history has an author (or character) claiming to be Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End, or is, was, and is to come. No one else has ever claimed to know past, present and future (Isaiah 41:4, 26-29; 42:8-9; 43:10-13; 44:6-8; 45:18, 21-23; 46:9-10). Thus numeric features following the description in Revelation 1:8 belong solely to the Bible and nowhere else (not the Qur'an, not the Vedas, not the Bhagavad Gita, not the Book of Mormon, etc). Even if they were found, they would be meaningless because none of these books, sages, or prophets make the claims that are in the Bible. No other being has ever brought out a people to be a nation. At most they can only claim it through the Bible.

What This Proof Is Not

This proof was never meant as a club for believers to condemn skeptics who refuse to accept it. Jesus said proof will not convince people (Luke 16:31). Our duty is to present it.

Proof doesn't mean we stop reading the Bible and learning new things from it. Proof does not mean we stop studying and thinking about the Bible. Proof is an invitation to take the Bible seriously and apply it. Proof is not a badge of honour. We are to boast in God and His character, not in ourselves (Jeremiah 9:23-24).

Skeptics will say this is not enough or not proof, and demand a better one. God may or may not give it. The last time people asked for a sign, they missed the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.

But he answered them, An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign; but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. (Matthew 12:39 RSV)

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