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Because someone's just bound to ask, Where are all these numbers coming from? The convertor on this page will translate Chinese characters into the numbers that have been presented on previous pages. Copy the sample text. Paste it into the grey text box, and click one of the buttons to convert text into numbers. (For explanations on the html and JavaScript coding behind this page, see Alphanumeric Substitutions.)

Sample text: 中國要回歸上帝.




  1. The numeric value of a character is its position within the Big5 character set. This is calculated by subtracting the position of the very first character and adding 1. In the case of converting only Chinese characters, the very first character is 一 (yat, the number one). Its decimal equivalent is 42048. In the case of converting a mix of Chinese and Greek, the very first character is Α (alpha) and its decimal equivalent is 41796.

    If a word or phrase is divisible by 7 with the Chinese Characters Only! button, it will also be divisible by 7 with the Chinese & Greek Mix button and vice versa. Was it coincidence that Big5 was constructed this way? Or did God or an angel have a hand in it?

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