Bible Numbers 2.0

Part 8: What It All Means

What This Means For The Unbeliever

For the unbeliever, the most important question has always been, What shall I do with my life? This is a very reasonable question. In fact to not ask this question is to be lazy and irresponsible. Once you decide what you really want to do you can better plan your way to success.

Now if there is a God, and He left instructions for us in the Bible, it would be foolish to make any decision while ignoring Him. The numeric proof presented here demonstrates God’s existence. If you've ever wondered whether or not there was a right way to live, now you know. There is such a thing as goodness, and there is its opposite (evil). God will judge us. The textual meaning of the proof shows God is ready to help you live the right way.

Whether all this has convinced you or not, just remember this: God delights in steadfast love, justice and righteousness (Jeremiah 9:23-24). Practicing steadfast love, justice and righteousness will put you on the right path and you will know God. It is practical and very simple, not mysterious and hidden.

Try practicing steadfast love, justice and righteousness, and you will quickly find yourself failing. This is supposed to drive you to God’s forgiveness through Jesus. Failure is what makes you understand God’s love and grace.

And if you want to know what God means by love, justice and righteousness, and how His forgiveness through Jesus is what you really need, you'll have to study the Bible.

What Skeptics Are Missing

Skeptics claim that believers in Bible Numbers Numerics Gematria find these features by constructing them. They point out that no two passages contain the same number of features or the same type of features. The skeptics use this to point out that numeric rules are changed to find new patterns when the old ones fail. And if the rules are constantly changed, the odds are not astronomical at all. When all the failed numeric attempts are counted, the end result is simply the odds of 1 in 7.

The section on New Numeric Experiments proved there is no guarantee when it comes to manufacturing a phrase with numeric features. Just trying to write something like Isaiah chapter 18 in English with numeric features would require a computer to go through over 5.14 x 1021 possibilities. It would take years. And we know there were no computers when the books of the Bible were written.

There are many gematria, and Bible numeric studies posted on the web with features that appear with no rhyme or reason, but none of them come close to the ordered complexity of Exodus 34:6b-7. None of them are as reasonable. The ones presented here have a reason, and they all have the same Primary Features as The Proclamation. Revelation 1:8 gives the plan for the features in Exodus. (I challenge anyone to write a passage in any language bearing the same features as Exodus 34:6b-7.) Besides, it's humanly impossible to plan for something 1500 years apart (the time period between the writing of Exodus and Revelation). The only way this could have happened is if God did it.

If you are a skeptic, you might be thinking, What is meaningful and reasonable to you has no relevance to me. I assure you the Bible is extremely relevant. The book of Revelation prophesied the environmental catastrophe of today (Revelation 11:8). It also predicted the power of a government in these last days having the power of economic sanctions (Revelation 13:16-17).

Isaiah 18 (a prophecy on China and America) has numeric features in three languages. This underlines and emphasizes the importance of this prophecy. It describes our current political, economic and environmental climate. There is more relevance in the Bible than in most other literature.

If we ignore the Bible's warnings and sweep aside the numbers Numerics Gematria as coincidence, then the only way God can get our attention would be with a sledgehammer. The choice is yours.

What This Tells Us About The Bible

1. These two verses (Genesis 1:1 and Exodus 34:6b-7) prove God inspired the Bible. Just the two of them already have so many features it shows there is something special about the Bible. This study has now presented many more verses covering the basic tenets of belief. (How much more would people need?)

2. A God who can hide such complex numbers Numerics Gematria in His word is capable of ensuring the correct transmission of His word. He will make available all we really need to know.

3. The numbers Numerics Gematria emphasize the seriousness of studying the Bible with respect, reason and integrity. Features are not supposed to be pulled haphazardly from the text just as verses are not supposed to be pulled randomly from the Bible.

4. The Proclamation proves God is real. And in this verse, God warns us that good and evil are also real. Now if evil is real, Satan is real too. There is no neutral ground. We are either for God, or on the devil's side. Each person is responsible for their own sin, and for the effects of their sin on others. God will judge (Malachi 4:1).

We have two extra-ordinary verses in the Bible (Genesis 1:1, Exodus 34:6b-7). The Genesis verse is related to many others in the Bible where God claims sovereignty of the universe by reason of creation. The Exodus verse is tied in with Revelation 1:8 and other verses describing who God is and what He desires. Like two witnesses, these two verses agree with many other verses and attest to the inspiration of the message from which the Bible was written.

We have Zechariah's prophecy of Jesus' coming, and we have Matthew's description of Jesus fulfilling that prophecy. Both passages have numeric features like those found in The Proclamation. None of this is by chance since Zechariah and Matthew are on the same topic.

Aside from these verses about God, the Bible contains the historical witness of God acting directly in the world (see the book Miracle In History by Raymond Chin). This is not a generic proof that a god exists but that the God of the Bible exists, and He is like no other. More importantly, the Bible is His message of who He is, what He wants of us and of what He does. He keeps His promises. What He says, He will do (Isaiah 55:6-11).

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The foolishness of God is greater than anything we can imagine (1 Corinthians 1:25). On the off chance the numbers are a form of foolishness, do not spend too much time on them.