Bible Numbers 2.0

Part 7: Closing Word On Bible Numbers Numerics Gematria

We have now come to the end of the most extensive and intensive numeric study on the Bible. A review of what was discovered puts everything into perspective as one grand picture.

This study began with the idea that if God existed, words He spoke would bear an imprint of His character or nature in numeric form. We also started with the idea that God Himself would tell us how to find His signature in numbers Numerics Gematria. This was confirmed in two verses: Revelation 1:8 and The Proclamation (Exodus 34:6-7).

The signature described in Revelation 1:8 provided the instructions for finding numeric features in Exodus 34:6-7. Not one of them failed. Applying the principles behind those instructions revealed over eighty major numeric features in The Proclamation itself.

Even the placement of The Proclamation in the Bible and its placement in relation to Revelation 1:8 produced features. At the same time, The Proclamation's position within the thirty-fourth chapter of Exodus was also planned. It rested within a larger body of text bearing the same signature, and this segment itself was within an even longer passage again bearing the same signature. This two level nesting of The Proclamation within larger segments was an inspired design to focus and highlight The Proclamation itself.

And if there was any doubt as to who exactly was behind all this, God’s name in Hebrew also uncovered number Numerics Gematria features in The Proclamation, clearly identifying the God of the Bible. This firmly established Revelation 1:8 as the description of God’s numerical signature.

The meaning of The Proclamation and Revelation 1:8 naturally ties in with the first two commandments. There is no other like God, and there is no other who even comes close to God. Therefore, no other is worthy of worship. The first two commandments exist because The Proclamation exists, and The Proclamation exists because God exists. As a result, the first two commandments have the same Primary Features (signature) as the Proclamation.

Could all this be due to some massive coincidence? An experiment to manufacture numeric features after the pattern of Revelation 1:8 demonstrated that verses/statements about God from Himself (in the Bible) produced higher quality features than those of other literature. This looked at 2.4 billion permutations. Everything should have averaged out into the odds if it was random. That it did not average out means this is not coincidence.

Since this is not by chance, there is reason and confidence to search for God’s signature in the rest of the Bible. A computer programmed to search through the Bible found many passages with the signature. There were as many as the odds would dictate. But the very interesting part was that most of them consisted of partial sentences, incomplete thoughts or did not focus on a theme. Out of the sixteen hundred segments of text, only a few were full sentences and made sense. The meaning in these passages made them stand out, and set them apart from random chance.

In Isaiah chapters 41 to 43, God claims and has done what no other being has ever claimed or done. He declares He is first and last (Isaiah 41:4, also Revelation 1:8). He tells it like it is. Only He knows the past, present and future (Isaiah 46:10). There is no other (Isaiah 45:21-22). The numbers Numerics Gematria show this, tracing the great themes and stories through time.

The numbers Numerics Gematria begin at the real beginning with the true story behind creation, and at the same time giving the plan for saving creation (John 1:1-37a). There appears to be a break until Abraham (Genesis 13:8-22:14), but this is because the pre-flood world is not our world and no longer exists. What is important is the world we live in today. Thus the numbers pick up the story with Abraham.

Abraham's story led to the numbers Numerics Gematria about Jacob (Genesis 28:2-35:14), and from Jacob, the numbers trace out the birth of Israel in the Exodus (Exodus 1:1-12:41). Overlapping a part of the birth of Israel as a nation is the numeric segment highlighting Israel's journey to Sinai.

The numbers Numerics Gematria stop with the end of the journey. They do not include the covenant God made with them and they do not include the law that is given. No numeric features patterned after Revelation 1:8 cover the elders of Israel dining with Elohim (Exodus 24:9-10). Why? Because Israel catastrophically fails by making the golden calf (Exodus 32:1-6). It is as if the numbers themselves reveal God’s displeasure.

The numeric features only return with chapter 34, when Moses goes up the mountain a second time, sees all God’s glory and hears The Proclamation.

The numeric features skip the forty years of wandering and pick up with the conquest of Canaan, and the faithful generation that performed that conquest.

A long break occurs until the story reaches another spiritual high point and the numbers re-appear with the dedication of the temple. This formalizes the covenant, but makes Israel truly responsible for upholding their agreement with God.

From the high point of the temple, the story of ancient Israel reaches its low point and ends with Jehoiachin in 2 Kings 24:8. Jehoiachin is the last king to succeed his father on the throne, and he reigns only three months. Jeremiah's prophecy confirms the break (Jeremiah 22:30). God takes back the kingship, and for all intents and purposes ancient Israel is no more.

Israel's failure and blindness (Isaiah 43:8) led God to issue new prophecies of the future (Isaiah 40:21-42:17) and of the far future (Isaiah 2:19-3:2). Both of these segments bear the characteristics described in Revelation 1:8 to confirm God’s hand.

Many scholars have always questioned the authorship of the book of Isaiah, noting stylistic differences after chapter 39. Many have suggested there were possibly up to two different authors for everything after chapter 39. God was doing something new, and Isaiah's inspiration changed to fit the new message. This might account for any style change. The presence of number Numerics Gematria features patterned after Revelation 1:8 in Isaiah 2:19-3:2 and in Isaiah 40:21-42:17 indicate there is one author.

The prophecies recorded by Isaiah (Isaiah 40:21-42:17) ultimately lead full circle to the messiah Jesus (John 1:1-37a). Numbers mark his virgin birth. The New Testament is filled with many shorter numeric segments covering Jesus' ministry, his deep spiritual teachings, the second greatest commandment, knowing God, and finally several sections in the book of Revelation (The End Time Church, Praising God, The Great Multitude, The Woman And The Dragon, The Commander Of Heaven's Armies, and various End Time Events).

While this is only a small portion of the Bible, it covers many important topics. In general, the numbers Numerics Gematria confirm ancient Israel's history and give a basic overview of Christian beliefs.

Truly, God’s signature runs through the Bible and through history.

The New Testament has more segments bearing God’s signature, but the Old Testament has the longer segments for stories and themes that cover entire chapters.

The New Testament has the deeper spiritual teachings, and thus more segments are necessary to cover the many topics. The numeric features are confirmation the New Testament is the continuation from the Old Testament and the fulfillment of prophecy. One is not inferior to the other. The subject matter determines which is more suitable, more segments or longer segments.

The numbers Numerics Gematria authenticate the Bible record as something God transmitted to people. This is God acting in the world through history. Whether people accurately passed on the record or not, God’s signature is still visible.

There is more in the Bible than we think. It gives the true history of the human race. It can be a legal blueprint. There are economic lessons, and also spiritual lessons. In essence, the Bible teaches us everything we need to know.

These techniques were then turned to texts outside the Bible to show God's works in history, the founding of modern Israel, and the second paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence. Several Christian creeds and other texts were also compared. Texts that dealt with the rebirth of Israel, and spiritual truths had more features like The Proclamation than those that didn't.

Our study then turned to the Chinese Bible's version of The Proclamation (出 埃 及 34:6-7). The computer age provided the means for converting the oldest non-alphabet language still in use into numbers, in effect updating it. Once the verse in Chinese was amended with 上 帝 (Seung Dai) as the proper title for God, the same type of Revelation 1:8 features appeared.1

How can it be coincidence when the Hebrew and the Chinese translation of the Exodus 34:6-7 produce similar features?

If one verse in Chinese wasn't enough, there were others: Genesis 1:1 showing in words the design of Creation, John 1:1 disproving the theory of the Trinity, Revelation 1:8 surpassing the Greek in numeric features, and Revelation 22:13 where an angel puts together Revelation 1:8 and 21:6 to give a more complete description of God. All produced the same type of numeric features. Is this still random chance?

All of the Chinese studies were of short verses, but the longest numeric passage in the entire Bible so far was John's complete vision from the book of Revelation in Chinese bearing similar numeric features.

To conclude the section on Chinese numbers Numerics Gematria, there was Isaiah chapter 18 in Chinese (a prophecy of China and America) also following the same numeric patterns. And as if to emphasize the importance of this prophecy, Isaiah 18 in English and Hebrew also had similar numeric patterns.

Is it still coincidence if it keeps happening? If it did, then all science would be called into question.

Numbers Numerics Gematria for the Chinese characters were not possible before computers. One might say God reserved Chinese gematria/numerics for our time. This puts renewed emphasis on the book of Revelation as God’s message for our generation in the end times.

Numbers in the Chinese Bible naturally led to the Russian Synodal Bible, and the Persian (Farsi) Holy Bible. Some verses in these languages also had numeric features. Truly God wants His word known in the world.

As stated at the beginning of this study, it's not about us, about people, or even specifically about Jews, Christians, Greeks, Americans, Chinese, Russians or Iranians. It's not whether a language or book is special, sacred or holy. It's all about God. He exists. The numbers Numerics Gematria prove His mastery of time and events. The numbers show His acts in history. He can be trusted when He says He knows best, and when He warns us against evil.

Because God exists, there is a right way and there is a wrong way. God has said He will judge the world (Revelation 20:12). This is a very serious matter. Treat the Bible with respect.

God is Master of Time, and thus His signature marks many end time passages. What He says will happen, will happen. Two thousand years ago, He let Jesus send a message to the Apostle John.

The nations raged, but thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding thy servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear thy name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth. (Revelation 11:18 RSV, emphasis added)

- destroying the destroyers of the earth is condemnation of our modern technological society. Humanity has never had the power to shape the planet as we do today, for better or worse. In the last century, a natural world abundant with life has become one of death with untold loss in biomass. Scientists have already labelled our current age the Anthropocene due to the vast extinctions caused by us. (For more on the coming end, see: Revelation.)

Prophecy is on its way to being completely fulfilled.

Ancient Egypt was punished until they gave up Israel. And when they changed their minds to try re-enslave Israel, God destroyed their army. In the future, the kingdoms of the world will be forced to give everything back to God (Revelation 11:5). And because of this, Jesus warned us to have our priorities straight and seek God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness first (Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 9:23-24; Jeremiah 22:16).

Change in rulership means a change in law. The laws of men that benefit the few at the expense of the many will be thrown out (Psalm 94:20). The ideas of men taught as law (doctrine) will all fade away. (Matthew 15:8-9)

God’s kingdom and righteousness comes first. This is how we know God, and how God will know us. To not place God first will lead to Jesus saying,

And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers. (Matthew 7:23 RSV)

God is never wrong. The Bible is not wrong. It is not out of date. It speaks very much to the present. And the numbers Numerics Gematria confirm the message. And now that we have that confirmation, put the numbers aside. Let there be no further delay in studying the Bible!

Shall God speak to us softly (1 Kings 19:12, Isaiah 42:2) or shall He use a sledgehammer? (Revelation 11:18)

There is no other like God. He truly is Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End. He is the only one who spans time and is outside of time is, was and is to come. God is a multidimensional being, the only true reality.

Although numbers are infinite, the work in Bible Numbers 2.0 is now finished. There is no need for more. It is time to lay them aside. Numbers are not necessary for spiritual growth. Now you have proof of the Bible's importance. The more important work is understanding the Bible, and knowing what God wants. Study it thoroughly because your life depends on it. (Visit Bible Issues for topics seldom considered by believers.)

1.Perceptive readers will note the absence of the Septuagint (The Greek Old Testament) in this study. Two versions of the Septuagint's Exodus 34:6-7 were checked for numeric features, one from the Apostolic Bible Polyglot, and the other from Bibleworks 3.0. Only the one from Bibleworks was divisible by 7. Both sources had the same text for Genesis 1:1, but there were no features following Revelation 1:8. There may have been other features, but the first and last letters individually and together produced nothing. Results were too disappointing to continue further. (Ivan Panin's number system also yielded little.)

According to the New Testament writers, Jesus and the Apostles quoted extensively from the Septuagint. Why then were there no results in the Greek version of The Proclamation? This becomes even stranger when the Chinese version of Exodus 34:6-7 has several Revelation 1:8 type features.

The Septuagint was written by descendants of Jews who had fled fearing Babylonian retaliation for the death of their appointed governor. God had said Israel should never go back to Egypt (Deuteronomy 17:16). The prophet Jeremiah had also warned them not to go. Returning to Egypt would bring God’s curse (Jeremiah 42:15-22, 44:12-14). They went anyways. This brings into question whether the Septuagint would have God’s favour at all.

It is natural for people to quote from favourable sources. It is usual for people to quote from unique sources especially if they want to emphasize their own difference. The Septuagint represented the views of Jewish people in Egypt regarding their own understanding of prophecy and scripture at that time. Jews in Judea might not have quoted from the Septuagint, but Jesus and his disciples did to make their own point. We can conclude Jesus and his disciples accepted some of the Septuagint, but it would be stretching evidence to infer they accepted all of the Septuagint.

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